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Assistance with daily life



Improved living arrangements

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Social and Community Participation

Your independence matters. We know how important it is for you to feel in control of your world, because you understand your needs and goals, and your family’s needs, better than anyone.

You might be looking for ways to:
• Become more independent
• Develop daily living and learning skills
• Improve you or your loved one relationships with your family and other people they engage with
• Expand you or your loved one to participate in social activities and be more connected to your community
• Improve the health and well being for you or your loved one.

Assistance with daily life

At Phil Terry Health Care we are here to help you achieve the level of independence you want and live comfortably and confidently in your home are also important.
Whether you live independently or in shared accommodation, we will work with you to enable you or your loved ones to live a full life, with the security, companionship and day to day support you need.

We can help at home with:
• Building daily living skills such as health and nutrition, cooking skills and household routines
• Household budgeting and financial management
• House cleaning and outdoor maintenance
• Maintaining medical and dental appointments
• Support to manage your routines and responsibilities
• Developing supportive relationships and connections with family, friends and local community and services.


• Learning about yourself, your support networks and developing your confidence
• Understanding and building relationships through social skills, communication and understanding the way different relationships can work
• Getting ready for the workforce, on-the-job support and finding and keeping a job
• Learning different ways to face new challenges, responsibilities and experiences
• Daily living tasks like cooking, cleaning and maintaining appointments

Improved living arrangements

Moving into and living in your own home is an exciting adventure. Sometimes you need a little help to:

• Find the right place to live
• Learn to look after yourself
• Build your confidence so you can keep your independence.

If your goal is to live independently, we can help.

Whether you’ve been living in boarding houses or with your family, or you just need a bit more help than you already have, we offer drop-in support and a range of practical solutions to help gain or keep your independence.

We can provide help to:
• Access your community and build new skills
• Manage daily living tasks more easily.

Complex Care Nursing

At Phil Terry Health care services, we pride to have a team of Registered Nurses and Enrolled nurses who competent to manage complex care participants as below:

  • Peg feeding,
  • Diabetes management,
  • Bowel care,
  • Stoma Bags
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Urinal Catheters

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Short Term Accommodation (STA)
Accommodation Available in




Day Programs

Activities available for you

Phil Terry’s Community & Lifestyles program offers a range of active support options so you can try new things, learn additional skills or get involved in your community. This could be 1:1 or in a group where you can make new friends or rediscover old friendships.

The activities are offered on a weekly, monthly or daily basis – it’s up to you. The support we provide is through your NDIS plan. The cost of activities is kept to a minimum as much as possible to enable everyone to participate. Each month our calendar will be available for you to choose what you would like to do.

Your day could start from our office in Penrith or at a designated venue. We build into our support everyday independent living skills to help you meet your goals and experience something new and different. Our support workers will work alongside you and adapt to your support needs.

Our Community & Lifestyles program includes:

  • Get Creative – explore your creative side with activities such as African drumming workshops, art classes, music & movement or drama workshops
  • All About Me – learn new ways of looking after yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually whether it be enjoying a pamper session, doing a yoga class or two or learning how to cook nutritious meals
  • Out & About – explore your local community and use all forms of public transport to get there. Join in special group activities and see exhibitions or simply find new places to have a meal at
  • Get Active – burn some energy and try a new sport eg bowling, golf, dance or start a walking group
  • Friday Night Lights – join a group of friends, enjoy a meal and enjoy free live music
  • Special Events – join in the group and attend an event or two throughout the year like the Mardi Gras parade, visit Vivid or the Easter Show

If you want to know more about our Community & Lifestyles programs or want to join us, get in touch now! We would love to see you!