When you are working with us, you are part of a family that works in conjunction with other stakeholders, participants’ families and thereby providing a holistic approach to supporting our clients.
We are always looking for enthusiastic, committed people who can work in any environment set up in accordance with our Values and framework. We promise to provide a positive work space which is safe and where you can grow with us.
We aim to have a positive influence in the communities we serve and this is transferred to our staff who are recognised every end of the year for the contributions they have made at work and in the communities they serve. We believe in building our communities and creating positive and safe environment for our staff and participants. We offer training to all our staff so they can build on their skills and as we are growing, positions and new opportunities become available, and our staff get first choice in applying for these roles. We have good remuneration schemes and value loyalty to staff who stay with us over long periods of time.

Why Phil Terry?

  • With over 30 years of Managerial experience in the disability sector, this transfers to values and understanding of the disability framework and participants can rest assured they are in good hands.
  • Committed to continuous improvement through the understanding of the holistic approach to providing supports and working closely with all stakeholders.
  • An employee group focused on bridging the gap between employees and management to strive for better work outcomes.
  • We are committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce, and actively encourage people from all walks of life to apply.
  • We are a community orientated Organisation with a person-centred approach to service delivery

We offer a range of employee benefits including

  • Good and safe work environment.
  • Opportunities to grow with us should the opportunities arise.
  • e-learning and face to face training program to continually develop your industry skills
  • We value your commitment and the experience and skills you bring to our organisation
  • Commitment to your career development and job securit

Our Staff Say

Hello! My name is Harmeet Kaur. I started with education background back in India. Later, I did a boutique design for about two years specialising in Indian traditional dresses. I moved to Australia with my family in 2017 and started my career in aged care industry as a well-being coordinator. Presently, I am serving as a community/disability support worker since last two years under my association with Phil Terry Healthcare QLD.
In these two years, I have gain valuable experience in working with vast range of clients with different physical amd mental abilities and at the same time, built beautiful memories while helping others which often brang big smile on people’s faces. This made my job extremely rewarding.
I have a huge passion to help others, to take care and display love and compassion. I have always found that with a can do attitude and positive outlook I am able to form a genuine therapeutic relationship with people that I support.I have always found supporting people very rewarding and thrive from seeing people make and achieve their goals.
In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, walking, reading, cooking, stiching, dancig ,art and craft and visit local markets.
What I really find rewarding about being a support worker is empowering people with mental illness, their families, carers and communities. Having seen that “Phill terry healthcare services” is a leading provider for NDIS that promotes recovery, choice and independence to people with mental illness, it is overwhelmingly obvious that my values and clinical objectives align with Phill Terry.