At Phil Terry Healthcare Queensland, we take pride in our housing and SIL support structures. We have collaborated with SDA providers and real estate providers to find our participants suitable housing arrangements be it for short medium or long term stay.
We provide varied types shared living arrangements which are designed to support residents as they develop their independence and engage in a variety of activities and programs through a holistic-lifestyle approach to accommodation supports. Our priority is that each resident feels included, safe and happy so they can enjoy their stay with Phil Terry. Our Supported Accommodation homes are filled with dedicated staff who are matched to meet clients needs as well as the best quality supports available within the disability sector. A well-kept place you can call home and live independently on your terms, where your choices and privacy are respected.
Each house is set up to meet client needs and the routines are specifically meet the goals and lifestyle that each client wants to eat.
Our meals are created and supported by allied staff who have dedicated to meeting all diet requirements for individual needs. All our clients have access to our group activities centre as part of their stay.
All our clients have first priority to allied health support from Integral Therapeutics who work with all houses and also manage the programs to make them more therapeutic.
We also provide Short Term Accommodation, which can be support to go on holidays, support to give your loved ones some respite or fixed short term stays in either one of our properties in Ipswich/Logan or Gold Coast. MTA and ILO homes are available on request. Please fill free to fill in our referral form to get information on housing availability.